371st Auction

24-28 September 2019 in Wiesbaden

Lot no.132



Catalogue no.19A

Opening120 €
Sold for96 €
1874, Letter with value 20k. gray, unused, fine, a scarce stamp
Lot no.133



Catalogue no.39A,38A,35A,30A

Opening100 €
Sold for2.200 €

1888, 1 ft. grey and red, eight single stamps, 50 k. brick-red, 20 k. grey and black and 5 k. red and black, all tied by cds. "POZSONY MAJ. 21.(97)" to parcel card via Berlin and Bremen with handwritten endorsement "over Singapore" to Batavia, Dutch India, few stamps with small faults, otherwise fine

Lot no.134



Catalogue no.106, 104

Opening150 €
Sold for1.100 €
1908, Turul and King Franz Josef 2 kr., two single stamps and two horizontal pairs and horizontal stripe of three 60 f., all tied by cds. "BUDAPEST MÁR.21.912" to both sides franked parcel card via Bremen to Welligton, New Zealand, back stamps additionaly with pen stroke cancellation, otherwise fine, rare destination
Lot no.135



Catalogue no.2223-29B

Opening300 €
Sold for440 €
1967, Danube Commission  30 f.-2,50 ft. imperforated in complete sheets of 30 stamps, unmounted mint, fine (Mi. 7.500,-)
Lot no.3292


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Catalogue no.

Opening100 €
Sold forUnsold
1913/1915, Partie mit Mi.-Nr. 128-144 kpl. ungebraucht und Mi.-Nr. 145-161 postfrisch sowie Mi.-Nr. 145-152 auf R-Brief und zusätzlich Mi.-Nr. 150 mit rotem Aufdruck, dazu Teilsatz ex Mi.-Nr.  128-144
Lot no.3293


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Catalogue no.478-79

Opening150 €
Sold for280 €
1931, Graf Zeppelin 1-2P., je im 10er-Block aus der linken oberen Bogenecke, postfrisch, teils gering fleckig, sonst gute Erhaltung