377th Auction

20-25 September 2021 in Wiesbaden

Lot no.1540



Catalogue no.1-2

Opening500 €
Sold for700 €
1847, 5 c. brown and 10 c. black on bluish, both with good to large margins and neatly cancelled by red grid, very fine, sign. Jakubek BPP with certificate for each stamp (1990)
Lot no.1541



Catalogue no.17

Opening150 €
Sold forUnsold

1861/67, 2 c. black with New York foreign mail cancel on "CIRCULAR" with adjacent red "½" and blue "AMERICA ÜBER BREMEN FRANCO" to Bremen. The entire with small tear at right, otherwise fine and fresh

Lot no.1542



Catalogue no.326-28

Opening400 €
Sold for400 €
1930, Zeppelin 65 c.-2,60 $, fresh colour and nicely centered, unused with large o.g., very fine, certificate Jakubek BPP (1990)
Lot no.1543


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Catalogue no.55AIKII,55

Opening150 €
Sold for150 €

1924, Franklin 1c. green, block of nine with straight edge at right, the right center stamp (position 30) with inverted overprint "Zone", mint never hinged, fine, scarce (Scott71b, SG 75c)