The ERIVAN Collection

German States and many more

The ERIVAN collection – the launch of the auction “Marathon” with 30 exclusive auctions

Stamp collectors have been waiting for many years. The most important stamps and covers of the German States, America, Switzerland, Austria as well as mail carried by Zeppelin are being offered for sale. The collections were put together by the internationally renowned entrepreneur and enthusiastic philatelist Erivan Haub. His philatelic life’s work is so extensive that a series of more than 30 stamp auctions over five years is planned in Wiesbaden, New York, Zurich, Stockholm, London and Essen. The various collections will be offered under the name ERIVAN Collection.

The beginnings of the unique collection go back to the 1950s. At that time, Erivan Haub first visited stamp auctions. He focused on acquiring the most important and high-quality rarities in his collecting areas. For more than half a century, Erivan Haub formed collections that became legendary during his lifetime. Now the moment has come, as his philatelic vault opens. After many decades, today’s generation of collectors now has a unique opportunity to acquire the most important rarities for their collections. The foremost item in German philately, the ‘Baden Error of Colour’, last changed hands in 1985. The ‘Blue Boy’ local postmaster’s provisional from the American city of Alexandria was last offered at auction in 1967. The top item of Swiss philately, a registered letter from a notary of Greiffensee with the first two Zurich stamps, has not been on the market since the early 1990s.

The auction houses of Heinrich Köhler in Wiesbaden, H.R. Harmer in New York and Corinphila Auctions in Zurich have been commissioned with the marketing and sale of the collection. The three auction companies are part of the Global Philatelic Network group with five locations in Europe, America and Asia. The two managing partners Dieter Michelson and Karl Louis comment on the unique opportunity that opens up for stamp collectors. “Many collectors have been waiting in vain for over 30 years for the top items in their collecting areas. They were safe in Erivan Haub's collection and therefore out of reach. Now the opportunity to acquire these unique items finally opens up” notes Dieter Michelson. And Karl Louis adds: “It is an ideal time to acquire the sought-after ‘Crown Jewels of Philately’. With the current low interest rates, an ‘alternative investment’ in exclusive philatelic material is attractive. Especially for collectors who appreciate the cultural value of philately and at the same time are interested in historical relationships as reflected in the stamps.”

A detailed brochure showing a wide range of extraordinary rarities of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Lombardy-Venetia, USA and Zeppelin mail will be available shortly. It also details the contemporary and political events that are related to the various stamp issues. The brochure may be requested free of charge from the auction companies.

Auction dates in June 2019

1 June 2019: Worldwide Rarities – 1st ERIVAN auction
Global Philatelic Network Auction
Stockholm, Sweden

8 June 2019: Old German States – 1st ERIVAN auction
Heinrich Köhler Auktionshaus
Wiesbaden, Germany

14 June 2019: Austria and Lombardy-Venetia – 1st ERIVAN auction
Corinphila Auktionen
Zurich, Switzerland

22 June 2019: United States of America – 1st ERIVAN auction
H.R. Harmer Auction
New York City, U.S.A.