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Los 5017

1852, Entire letter dated Thorshavn January 5, 1852, franked with 1851, FIRE R.B.S., cancelled by ink gutter, sent via Lerwick, Shetland Islands, London and Hamburg to Aeroskobing, Schleswig, Denmark. The stamp covers the postage from Hamburg to Aeroskobing; the recipient was charged with a total of 23½ shilling including the British share of 8 d. inward shipletter charge + 10 d. Thames packet rate. Without doubt this is the most important item of Faroe Islands postal history; it is not only the earliest recorded franked letter from the Faroes but also one of the earliest recorded letters bearing FIRE R.B.S. passing a foreign country and the only recorded use of "Lerwick Ship Letter" on Faroes mail. A wonderful exhibition item of greatest importance, certificates Wowern (1997), Vagn Jensen (1998) and C.A. Möller (2003) Provenance: Per Erik Knudsen (2003)