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Los 6529

1919, pre-printed life-sign card with boxed military cachet "S.B. Bayer. Prov. Kol. 19" and  fieldpost cds. "Deutsche Feldpost 28.1.19" send to Neuötting there re-addressed. Written in Nikolajew on 21 January 1919 by the private R. Jäckel, his unit arrived on 6.12.1918 with the steamer "Dotsch" from Sevastopol Nikolayev. The repatriation of the German troops was initially carried out only by rail. From 20.12.1918 the rail transport had become impossible and thousands of soldiers were stuck. From March 1919 the transport by ship took place in the direction of Constantinople. In Odessa and Nikolayev life sign cards were issued to the soldiers. A very rare and interesting card, detailed certificate Haspel BPP (2010)