Los-Nr. 10031
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377th Auction



Katalog-Nr.1a var

Ausruf4.000 €
Zuschlag4.000 €

Pre 1921  1/4 a greenish-blue on medium wove paper imperf pair (cliché 1 & 2). Experts believe that this is Barwani's 2nd 1/4 a stamp, different from the 1st stamp (SG 1) being that the top English value tablet is not double as normally found on the 1st stamp (SG 1). Furthermore the 1st issue of Barwani (SG 1 and 2) was issued perforated whereas the 2nd issue of Barwani (SG 1a and 2ab) was issued imperf. Furthermore, the ink shades are different, the 1st stamp (SG 1) was printed in dull blue whereas this stamp is printed in greenish-blue. A single used example, this pair and two covers are all that are known from this issue. BPA certificate (SG value £6000)