Los-Nr. 5028
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366. Auktion März 2018



Katalog-Nr.DK 1IIb

Ausruf4.000 €
Zuschlag4.000 €
1854, Entire letter from "SKANDERBORG 1 10 1854" to Thorshavn, franked with "FIRE R.B.S." olive-brown with clear to ample margins, neatly cancelled "63". A beautiful cover of greatest rarity, only 3 FIRE R.B.S.-covers to the Faroes are recorded. Certificates C.A. Möller (2000) and Nielsen (2004) The 4 R.B.S. covered the postage from Skanderborg to Copenhagen; from Copenhagen letters were sent free of charge to the Faroe Islands Provenance: Peer Lorentzen (2004)