Los-Nr. 1027

379. Auktion




Ausruf900 €
Zuschlag750 €

1921, 20m., 26 stamps, including two multiples tied by pen cross on front and reverse of parcel card for a parcel of 1.5 kg from NOWO-ŚWIĘCIANY 26/10 21 (today: Švenčionėliai / Lithuania) with "Linen" (cloth) as contents plus value indication 20,000 Marks. The parcel is addressed to Janina Sosabowska, Buczacz station (today: Butschatsch in Ukraine). Sender is J. Sosabowski, 9th Infantry Regiment of the Polish Legions", small imperfections as to be expected, it is not possible to determine if a delivery took place, nevertheless signed Schmutz and Petriuk PZF with certificate (2021)