Los-Nr. 1799
Es fallen zusätzlich 7% Importspesen (keine Steuer, nicht abzugsfähig) für alle Käufer an. Dies betrifft auch alle Käufer außerhalb der Europäischen Union.

382. Auktion




Ausruf3.000 €
Zuschlag9.500 €

5 c. burnt sienna,horizontal marginal pair, the left stamps slightly shaved at top right, otherwise both stamps with full to large margins including enormous 14mm sheet margin at right, with clear central target on double rate cover with adjacent red straight-line “VALDIVIA” to Cassel in Hessia, Germany. On reverse transit mark of the British PO at Valparaiso and red “SEEBRIEF PER ENGLAND UND AACHEN”. Upon arrivalcharged with a total of 54 sgr. plus ¼ sgr. delivery fee.very fine. An outstanding and very fine letter; the only recorded entire with the Gillet issue to Germany. certificates Maier BPP (2006) and Moorhouse (2010) (Scott4)