Los-Nr. 1803
Es fallen zusätzlich 7% Importspesen (keine Steuer, nicht abzugsfähig) für alle Käufer an. Dies betrifft auch alle Käufer außerhalb der Europäischen Union.

382. Auktion




Ausruf20.000 €
Zuschlag36.000 €

5 c. burnt sienna, horizontal strip of four, in combination with Second London printing 5 c. brown-red on bluish and Desmadryl 10 c. blue, the later one clear at lower left, otherwise all values with good to large margins, two with parts of neighbour stamps, tied by clear grid to letter sheet (endorsed “Chanaral, 15.10.”) with adjacent black “P:CALDERA 20 OBRE 55” to Valparaiso, paying the postage for a letter up to 1½ ounces + 5 centavos sea postage. Very fine and fresh. The only triple mixed franking recorded in the classic period of Chile and any South American country. Undoubtedly the most important and appealing letter in Chilean philately. certificates RPSL (1978) and Moorhouse (2010) (Scott 4+6+8)

Provenance: Joaquin Galvez(Corinphila 1979) Jean Dupont (Balasse 1981)