368. Auction

26-30 March 2019 in Wiesbaden

Lot no.926



Catalogue no.85,91

Opening100 €
Sold for360 €
1887, 2c. on 5c. vertical pair with additional franking tied by cds. "SINGAPORE AU 25 92" to registered postal stationery card 2c. on 3c. blue to Aue, Germany with arrival mark, a rare card, fine, opinion Holcombe
Lot no.927



Catalogue no.18

Opening300 €
Sold for440 €
1897, Kuala Lipis provisional 2c. manuscript surcharge and initials "JFO", unused with part original gum, with marginal selvedge at right, slightly rubbed, scarce, certificate BPA (2018) (1.500£)
Lot no.4178


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Catalogue no.

Opening5.000 €
Sold for12.000 €

1867/1885, fast ausschließlich gestempelte umfangreiche Sammlung mit einer Vielzahl guter Ausgaben wie Straits Settlements Mi.-Nr. 1-9 etc., dazu viele Briefe, Karten und Ganzsachen, sehr schönes Los auf selbstgestalteten Blättern in 6 Alben