Tax (VAT) Information

Change for all buyers outside the European Union in 2024

New treatment of the invoicing of lots with a black dot (•):

All lots offered in our auctions that are marked with a black dot (•) following the lot number were imported to the European Union by Heinrich Köhler. In doing so, 7% non-deductible import tax was paid. This tax is due with no relevance where the lot is sold to during the auction.

Therefore, starting from this March 2024 auction, all lots marked with a black dot (•) following the lot number will be debited to all buyers with 7% under the description ‘import fees’ (not tax, non deductable) on their invoices. This includes also those buyers from outside the European Union. Waiving the 7% is unfortunately not possible. Buyers from Germany and the European Union always had to pay this fee. This remains unchanged.

Tax (VAT) Information

19 % Value Added Tax (VAT) on commission and expenses (not on the hammer price) will be invoiced to all domestic buyers and all buyers from EU countries without EU VAT-ID number.

Supplies to non-EU-Member States are exempted from VAT on commission and expenses upon presentation of proof of export including the total invoice amount.

Supplies to EU customers outside Germany holding an EU VAT-ID underly the “Reverse Charge System“, i.e. for commissions and expenses the German VAT does not apply; the buyer is obliged to report the respective VAT in his/her VAT declaration in his/her home country.

Meaning of circle (°) and dot (•)

For lots marked with a circle (°) next to the lot number an additional 19 % VAT on the hammer price will be charged.  This charge does not apply to dealers outside Germany and within the European Union with a turnover tax identification number.
Nor does this tax apply to buyers outside the European Union. In these cases we must prove the export of the material reporting the total invoice amount.

For lots marked with a dot (•) next to the lot number 7 % import charges (not tax, non deductible) on the hammer price will be charged to ALL buyers (from Germany and within and outside the European Union).


All lots without a circle (°) can be integrated into the VAT margin scheme. This also relates to the lots with a dot (•).

The VAT on the commission and expenses can possibly be subject to refund by the German tax authorities. For further information please consult your tax advisor.