German States - The ERIVAN Collection - 7th Auction

26 March 2022 in Wiesbaden

378th auction

German States · Shield Issues - The ERIVAN Collection - 6th Auction

25 September 2021 in Wiesbaden

377th auction

German States - The ERIVAN Collection - 5th Auction

24 April 2021 in Wiesbaden

376th auction

German States · Shield Issues - The ERIVAN Collection - 4th Auction

21 November 2020 in Wiesbaden

375th auction

German States - The ERIVAN Collection - 3rd Auction

27th June 2020 in Wiesbaden

374th Auction

German States - The ERIVAN Collection - 2nd Auction

14th December 2019 in Wiesbaden

372nd Auction

371st Auction

24 – 28 September 2019 in Wiesbaden

Heinrich Koehler invites visitors to the traditional international autumn auction, whose program fits seamlessly into the series of top auctions this year. Five special catalogues document unique collections, from Germany via the Caucasus to the Danish West Indies. In addition, an impressive main catalogue offers various special sections as well as an incredible range of attractive philatelic and postal history material from Europe and the whole world.

  • Germany after 1945 - The "George Marshall" Collection (part III)
  • Saarland and Saar Territory 1920-59 - The Axel Kruse Collection
  • German States - Selected items from the Baron von Scharfenberg Collection
  • Ireland - The Path to Independence - The "Dublin" Collection (part II)

German States - The ERIVAN Collection

8th of June 2019 in Wiesbaden

370th Auction

STOCKHOLMIA 2019 & ERIVAN Worldwide Rarities

June 1st. 2019 in Stockholm

While the first STOCKHOMIA 2019 auction catalogue contains a large variety of rare stamps and post-historical letters from various consignors, the second STOCKHOLMIA 2019 auction catalogue features international rarities from the ERIVAN collection.

369th Auction

A total of 12 experts from our companies were involved in the implementation and philatelic descriptions. With the two STOCKHOLMIA 2019 Rarities Auctions you have the opportunity to complete your collections with rare and valuable items. Perhaps by purchasing a dream item you are taking advantage of the opportunity to start a new collection? Many of the stamps and letters on offer have not been on the market for years or even decades!

368th Auction

26 – 30 March 2019 in Wiesbaden

From Saxony to the Danish West Indies, from early postal history to modern philately: rarities and exceptional top-class collections

The programme for the 368th auction of Germany's oldest stamp auction house is again impressive with philatelic and postal history material of the highest standard. Three special catalogues with unique collections and many special sections in an overwhelming main catalogue speak in a clear language. The spectrum ranges from early postal history to modern philately, from Germany to Europe and worldwide, and offers almost everything the collector's heart desires.

  • Germany after 1945 - The "George Marshall" Collection (part II)
  • Incoming mail from Central- and South America to Italy 1837-1889 - The Dr. Giorgio Magnani Collection
  • Belgium - Postal History 1459-1794 - The Jürgen Briese Collection
  • Commercial Zeppelin Mail 1928-1937 - The Dickson H. Preston Collection
  • Kingdom of Württemberg - The Gerhard Kümmel Collection
  • WITU protectorate area Postal History
  • Palestine Mandat Post Offices

367th Auction

25 – 29 September 2018 in Wiesbaden

Philatelic delights and high excitement this autumn

A wide selection of attractive philately and postal history. The highlights include two major collections, "Germany 1870–1954" and "The Saar Area and Saarland 1920–1959", each documented in a special catalogue. The first part of the sale is a special "Germany post-1945" collection, featuring a number of coveted rarities and promising high excitement.

  • Germany from 1945 - The "George Marshall" Collection
  • German Reich Inflation - OPD-Prints
  • Propaganda forgeries
  • All World Classic - The Carl Julius Leverkus Collection
  • Luxembourg from 1852

366th Auction

19th – 24th March 2018 in Wiesbaden

A colourful bouquet of philatelic treasures is to be found in the Heinrich Köhler Spring Auction.

Once again an outstanding range of exquisite philatelic and postal history material from Germany to Europe and worldwide awaits collectors in this year's spring auction. Five impressive special catalogues and a main catalogue with many attractive special items once again offer a unique selection of valuable stamps, rare covers and high-quality collections - many top-class items included! A fascinating and refreshing selection of international philatelic material is waiting for you!

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