Online Live Bidding

Bid as you were actually there. Register now for the Online Live Bidding to bid in the upcoming auction from any place in the world.

Welcome to the Online Live Bidding System of Heinrich Köhler. For participating in our Online Live Bidding you have to register once on our page. After that it is only necessary to demand your individual credit limit for every single auction and you may join the auction.

  1. Register once on our website: Link OR login as a registered customer: Link
  2. Request your individual credit limit for every single auction: Links below (You can also find this link in the user's menu after you're logged in.)
  3. Your request will be checked by us immediately and you will receive a confirmation e-mail within a short time.
  4. Log in to your account and bid online on the day of the auction: Links below

We recommend the use of the Google Chrome Browser.


Register for Live Bidding

The advantages of Online Live Bidding at a glance

  • allows clients to follow auctions as if they were in the auction: real-time display of the current bid, plus sound and image of what is happening in the room.
  • ensures absolute control over all your bids
  • allows bidders to react flexibly to bids made in the auction room
  • allows bidders to act in case of unexpectedly harsh competition for a rare item
  • allows bidders to act at short notice and get hold of bargains
  • allows bidders to remain completely anonymous to other bidders
  • encrypted data transfer via our secure server

Works on different platforms
Online Live Bidding works on different platforms

Please note

Registration on at least 24 hours before the auction.

For the credit limit enter the amount you want set as credit for the Online Live Bidding. Once this limit is reached during the live auction you are not able to place further bids.

Authoritative for the hammer down is the information on the screen, not the audio streaming.