368. Auction

26-30 March 2019 in Wiesbaden

Lot no.928


Catalogue no.11

Opening800 €
1848/59, Intermediate impressions 1 d. dull-vermilion, nice colour and large margins, neatly cancelled by boxed "INLAND", very fine and fresh, sign. Hunziker with certificate (1960)
Lot no.929


Catalogue no.38

Opening300 €
Sold for500 €
1859, Lapirot intermediate impressions 2 d. blue, good margins and fresh colour, neatly cancelled, very fine, sign. Pfenninger and certificate Hunziker (1966)
Lot no.930


Catalogue no.42

Opening400 €
Sold for850 €
1859, Dardenne 1 d. dull-vermilion, nice fresh colour and large margins, neatly cancelled by "PAID" in circle, very fine, sign. Lemaire and Enzo Diena with certificate (1979)
Lot no.931


Catalogue no.44

Opening200 €
Sold for460 €
2 d. pale-blue, fresh colour and good to large margins, lightly cancelled, very fine, sign. A. Diena