Lot no. 437

371st Auction



Catalogue no.60

Opening40.000 €
Sold for60.000 €
1919, 2nd. Stanyslaviv issue, overprints on Austrian Field Post, 10 hr. on 10 kr. violet on greyish paper . The used copy originally part of page two of the May 1919 Ekonomat document prepared in Stanyslaviv and tied to piece with part of the Ekonomat seal. At left a small spot, already visible on the Ekonomat document, an almost invisble bend in the lower right corner. In total only two stamps have been printed, the other one being unused, the only "used" example available and a great rarity. Certificate Huylmans BPP (2014) and Mikulski (1993) Provenance: Collection Marquess of Bute (Robson Lowe, 1959)                      Corinphila 2003 (137 Auction)                      The Dr. Ron Zelonka collection (Corinphila 169th. Auction, 2011) (Bulat 65)