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1918, "MILITÄRISCH GEPRÜFT Überwachungsstelle des Truppenkommandos im Kaukasus" four line censor mark struck on front and reverse of slightly reduced cover with adjacent cds. "Deutsche Feldpost 16.10.18" to Königsberg, vertical fold, some transportation wear and a little roughly opened at right, an attractive and very rare entire from the fieldpost in Baku, Azerbaijan, detailed certificate Haspel BPP (2009) An Imperial German delegation, Baku branch was set up and on Oct.  2, 1918 the delegation, including about 100 people left Tbilisi by train.  Besides the delegation, a German military commission arrived earlier in Baku for repatriation of POWS.  Via courier every 2nd day Fieldpost was brought from / to Tbilisi via field post number 907. Four weeks later, on Nov. 2, 1918 the delegation left Baku