Vol. 20: Classic India & Scinde 1600-1858 - The Jochen Heddergott Collection

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Jochen Heddergott documents with his India collection the historical developments in India with stamps, covers and postmarks. The collection begins with the earliest known letters in private hands from the Portuguese (1624) and British (1632) in India, and with the earliest postmarks used in India. The first postage stamps of India, the “Scinde Dawks’, are shown on many covers; the lithographed issues are represented in the greatest variety with blocks, rare covers and frankings. In particular the overseas frankings show a large number of the most important covers of this area. Of particular importance is the fact that many postal routes are documented in both directions. Jochen Heddergott is one of the first collectors to take both directions into consideration in his collection.

270 pages, of which 242 are full-colour plates showing pages from the collection, hardbound with dust jacket, bilingual in English and German

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