Slovakia Postal History 1850-1867 - Peter Severin

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With this trilingual “Manual of Covers and Cancellations of the Territory of the Slovak Republic, used on Austrian Postage Stamps from 1850 to 1867”, the well-known collector and expertiser Peter Severin presents a definitive work that sets new standards. Based on the author's exhibition collection, recently awarded a Large Gold medal at PRAGA 2018, as well as extensive documentation and research, the handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the covers, and cancellations of the territory of the Slovak Republic, used on Austrian postage stamps from 1850 to 1867.

On 264 pages, covers with Slovakian postmarks on the various issues of postage stamps are systematically presented in a number of chapters. In addition, the book deals with the postmarks of the travelling post offices, additional postmarks on registered letters and special postal and non-postal cancellations. The reader will appreciate the historical review of postal services in the territory of today's Slovak Republic as well as the clear tables and digressions into postage rates, the evaluation of documents, administrative and statistical information and an alphabetical list of towns and localities.

It should be noted that the work was published in three languages: Slovak, German and Hungarian. From the first page onwards, the reader can orient himself with the consistently systematic structure, which enables a wide circle of collectors to use this handbook and to contribute to further research and research.

Language: Slovak, German, Hungarian

Pages: 264