Danish Postal History 1875-1907 (Premium Edition)

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Danish Postal History 1875-1907

Including a detailed study of the transition to UPU and UPU rates and regulations for all types of mail before the implementation of the Rome UPU Treaty on 1 October 1907.




"Premium Edition"

  • Limited Edition (Only a small number will be produced in addition to the presale orders)
  • 6 volumes including: “The Transition of Research and Knowledge to Philatelic Treatment” – a publication available only in the Premium edition.
    • Volume 1: Domestic Mail
    • Volume 2: International Letters, Postcards, and Printed Matter
    • Volume 3: International Insured Letters, Money Orders, Cash on Delivery, and Parcels
    • Volume 4: International Parcels, Forms, Postage Due, Stamps, and Stationery
    • Volume 5: References, Rarity Information, and Appendixes
    • Volume 6: The Transition of Research and Knowledge to Philatelic Treatment
      Traditional Philately · The Bicoloured “Øre” Stamps of Denmark 1875-1907
      Postal Stationery · The Classic Postal Stationery of Denmark 1865-1905
      Postal History · Danish Postal Rates 1875-1907 (GPI at IBRA 2009)
      The Henrik Mouritsen Collections (All FIP Large Gold)
  • Hardbound with leatherette binding
  • Bilingual Danish & English
  • Slip case for all six books
  • ca. 2400 pages
A new bilingual and comprehensive handbook on Danish postal rates and regulations

The handbook treats Danish postal rates and regulations for all types of mail sent domestically within Denmark and from Denmark to foreign destinations 1 January 1875 – 30 September 1907. The handbook is the result of 18 years of dedicated study of all original sources issued by The Danish Post, which the author, Henrik Mouritsen, knows to exist in The Copenhagen Postal Museum, The National Danish Archives, and/or in one of the many private libraries he has examined. In addition, the handbook also relies on 29 years of study of the surviving Danish philatelic heritage recorded from the period 1 January 1875 – 30 September 1907.

The >750 illustrations are an important part of this handbook. They show concrete examples of the amazing variation in rates and types of mail which have survived from this period in Danish philately.
Danish domestic and international mail
The handbook includes rates and most regulations related to Danish domestic and international mail sent between 1 January 1875 and 30 September 1907. 
A postal paradigm: Development of the UPU
Utilising Danish material, it demonstrates the transition to and the development of the UPU regulations for all types of mail, before the implementation of the Rome UPU Treaty on 1 October 1907. This study is of great importance and relevance for the postal history of most countries of the world. Danish material is very well suited to demonstrate these essential worldwide postal developments and regulations because Denmark opted into almost all UPU treaties from the beginning and used stamps to frank all types of UPU mail.
Rarity information
A large majority of the best covers and rarest Danish postal history items known from the period in question, are illustrated, described and rated.
A handbook of the highest research quality!
Henrik Mouritsen, as a university professor and internationally recognised research scientist, has a proven track record in academic enquiry and effective project planning. Relying only on primary sources, he states: “I have considered all non-contemporary secondary or tertiary sources as irrelevant, unless they have referred to a contemporary primary source. This may sound harsh, but one can only be sure about the accuracy of the information if an original primary source can be found, which documents the claims in the secondary or tertiary source. For these reasons, with very few exceptions, I refer only to contemporary primary sources in this handbook.