Vol. 54: Argentina 1867-1887 - The Pablo Reim Collection

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When a philatelist with a collection of the semi-classical issues of a country achieves three Large Gold medals at exhibitions (in this case in 2010 in Buenos Aires, 2016 in Cordoba and 2018 at the FIP exhibition in Israel), then this collection must be something very special. It is clear that Pablo Reim, one of South America's leading philatelists, possesses such a collection. His other collections of the pre-philately of Argentina and Bolivia, of classical and semi-classical Brazilian issues, of Corrientes, etc. are also almost legendary.

Reim deals with the subject in ten "chapters", beginning with the "First Contract" up to the sixth printing order (1883 ff.). Included are the provisionals of 1877 and 1882, which became necessary because changes in postage rates resulted in a shortage of stamps and made it necessary to overprint stamps in the country. Reim follows this chronology in the traditional way of collecting that is typical of him. The stamps, their essays and/or proofs are at the beginning of each new issue. This is followed by the presentation of some of the largest known multiples in unused and used condition. Then follows a series of usages of the stamps of each value on cover - from single frankings to multiple- and mixed frankings. Postage rates and postage overviews are explained in each case. Even mixed frankings with other issues (such as with the preceding Rivadavia issue) and bisects are among the rarities that can be seen in this book in perfect condition and in large numbers. The variety seems inexhaustible, but notes such as "only three covers known" quickly make it clear to the reader that the material shown is anything but an everyday commodity.

The collection is perfect, an optical "delicacy" that can only be enjoyed. This book is only to be recommended to anyone interested in these issues, even if he cannot call comparable material his own.

— Wolfgang Maassen (AIJP)

188 pages, hardbound with dust jacket, in English and German