Switzerland Vol. II Cantol & Federal Stamps • Jack Luder

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Switzerland Vol. I Cantol & Federal Stamps • Jack Luder

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Netherlands 1913 - Centenary of restored Dutch Independence • The Kees Vlot Collection

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The 'Erivan' Collection • Postmasters' provisionals: United States and Confederate States

New! Shown in two parts, the issues before the first official stamp and during the Civil War, this collection contains rare items, and some of them are among the jewels of American philately and p...
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France et Colonies - Sélection des raretés classiques • La collection 'BesanÇon'

  The postage stamps of France reflect, in their design and inscriptions, the turbulent political history of France. Almost every new stamp Issue owed its origin to a change in the political ...
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Juwelen der Philatelie - Altdeutschland- und Österreich-Raritäten des 19. Jahrhunderts • Die Sammlung 'Amadeus'

  There hardly is another similar philatelic collection like the 'Amadeus' collection presented in this book! The collection has never been shown to the public and only excerpts are d...
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