378. Auktion

21.-26. März 2022 in Wiesbaden





Ausruf100 €
Zuschlag130 €

1865, (Aug 22) cover endorsed "via Bremen Packet" franked with 1861 Washington 10c. green, tied by grid with matching cds. alongside, via New York with red integral cds. "N. YORK BREM. PK. AUG 26 PAID 7" to Jever, Oldenburg, upon arrival in Bremen black boxed "Paid to Bremen" applied and the recipient charged with "1" sgr., a fine and attractive cover wih part-payment for the special Oldenburg tariff

Reference: Understanding Transatlantic Mail, Volume 1, Richard F. Winter, page 59






Ausruf150 €
Zuschlag240 €

1869, yellow cover franked with three singles 1857/60 Washington 3c. red, F-Grill, and two singles Pictorial Issue 2c. brown, tied by cork cancel with matching cds. "DUBUQUE SEP 13" alongside, to Oldenburg, Germany. Red "NEW YORK PAID ALL" transit and red exchange L4 "VERVIERS 30/9 COELN FRANCO" on front, couple 3c, stamps have a few negligible short perfs, small bend at right, prepaid 13c. for obsolete NGU rate (reduced to 10c in 1868), a very Fine and color mixed-issue franking





Ausruf120 €
Zuschlag220 €

1873, large format registered envelope, franked with two singles and one pair 1870 Bank Note Issue Webster 15c. orange with cork cancel and matching, tying one stamp, "NEW ORLEANS NOV 13" alongside via New York with red cds. "NEW YORK REGISTERED" and boxed DIRECT SERV. PAID ALL" and via Bremen to Elsfleth. At first probably franked as ninefold weight, probably during the inspection it was noticed that the letter falls into eightfold weight according to the international progression (15g instead of ½ounce=14,2g), one stamp subsequently removed. The cover, because of the size alone, some transportation wear, small tears etc., right stamp with small tear and some short perfs, a very appealing unusually high transatlantic franking