378. Auktion

21.-26. März 2022 in Wiesbaden




Katalog-Nr.78C, Queenland 71-72

Ausruf100 €
Zuschlag420 €

1899, Small Hermes head 5l. green, cut into at left, tied by cds. "ATHENS 24 APR 1899" as additional franking to postal stationery card 5l to Dalby, Queensland, there re-posted and franked with 1890 Victoria ½d. green and 1d. orange and returned to the sender, interesting card 





Ausruf400 €
Zuschlag700 €

USA TO GREECE: 1871, 12c. Clay dull violett and horizontal pair Jackson 2c. red brown, tied by two neat strikes of New York Foreign Mail Geometric cancel with adjacent "NEW YORK PAID ALL OCT 7" and red "B.F. Stevens Despatch Agent London" alongside to cover, transported by the "Weser II" of the NDL, via Bremen with red boxed "BREMEN 18.10.71 FRANCO" to U.S. Consul in Piraeus, Greece. The right 2c. stamp with archive cut at bottom, 12c. trivial corner crease, cover reduced at left, otherwise a fine and scarce usage of this Foreign Mail cancel on a cover to Greece, with just two covers known to Greece taking this route. Enclosed with original letter and calling card from Clews, Habight & Co. Banking House N.Y.