378. Auktion

21.-26. März 2022 in Wiesbaden





Ausruf300 €
Zuschlag300 €

1866, (Feb 19) cover endorsed "By Bremen / Hamburg Line" franked with 1861 Jackson 2c. black, two singles affixed slightly overlapping and single Washington 24c. grayish lilac, all tied by target cancel with matching cds. "SPARTA FEB 19" alongside, via New York with red integral cds. "N. YORK BREMN. PKt. FEB 24 PAID" to "George E. Pratt Car of his Excellency Rufus King..Rome". Red Crayon "25" credit to the Stadtpostamt and via Taxis mail, Marseille and Civitavecchia to the Destination. The stamps some blunted perfs, small tear, some wear and mended at right where opened roughly, a fine and very scarce fully prepaid use  through France to Italy

Provenance: The Bernard Faust Collection of U.S. 1863-68 Black Jack Issues (Robert A. Siegel, 2018)