Los-Nr. 10173
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377th Auction



Katalog-Nr.34Bb, 39Ba

Ausruf220 €

Exhibit sheet with 1948  1a Devi Singh and 1a Ranjit Singh both perf 8½ complete booklet panes of four and a cover from Barwani City to Anjar franked with 1a Devi Singh perf 8½ from the 8th Printing tied by "BARWANI / 25 APR 48" cds and "ANJAR / 30 apr 48" cds. Cover repaired to enhance appearance. The 1a brown from the 8th Printing is rare used on cover as they were used for a very short span from early 1948 till the closure of the Barwani Post on 30 June 1948.