Lot no. 358

368. Auction



Catalogue no.Italian PO 8, Italy P8-9

Opening2.000 €
Sold for3.000 €
1874, 60c. violett as horizontal pair tied by boxed "PIROSCAFI POSTALI ITALIANI" to insufficiently pre-prepaid envelope originating from "BUENOS AIRES 18 OCT 1874" with adjacent two-line "Da Buenos.-Aires coi Postali Italiani" alongside addressed to Livorno. The correct rate was 1.40l., in Livorno the cover was charged with "9" d. as fully unpaid, thus postage due 40c and 50c. applied and tied by cds. "LIVORNO 18 NOV"., the 50c. as meticulous reconstruction in fraud of two different stamps. Two disinfections slits, few imperfections not further distracting and very attractive as well as to our knowledge only known cover with stamps overprinted "Estero" used with the cancel "PIROSCAFI POSTALI ITALIANI". Signed Emilio and Enzo Diena with the latter certificate (1983)