Vol. 22: Cape of Good Hope - The Joseph Hackmey Collection

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Joseph Hackmey documents in his collection the various issues, printings, colours and papers of ‘Cape triangulars’ from the first issue of 1853 to the last printing from badly worn steel plates by the printer De La Rue in June 1864. Joseph Hackmey has succeeded as never before in the history of Cape philately to bring together virtually all the great rarities of the Cape triangulars in one collection: the error of colour of the ‘woodblocks’ unused and used, in pairs and blocks with ‘normal’ adjacent stamps as well as its use on covers. In addition having to the ‘classic’ rarities of Cape triangulars, the collection is also certainly regarded as the most important collection of Cape triangular postal history. The great Cape rarities from the collections of Ferrary, Hind, Pack, Caspary, Stevens, Burrus, Hall, Stevenson, ‘Maria de la Queillerie’, Sir Maxwell Joseph, Dale Lichtenstein, ‘Maximus’, ‘Bonaventure’, ‘Salisbury’, Mrs. Ad Indhusophon and ‘Lady Hope’ are to be found today in the collection of Joseph Hackmey.

172 pages, of which 143 are full-colour plates showing pages from the collection, hardbound with dust jacket, bilingual in English and German

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