Vol. 32: Brazil - The 'Bull's Eye' Stamps of 1843 - The Dr. Hugo Goeggel Collection

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Among the many great collections of Brazilian “Bull’s Eyes” of the past, some of the first generation should be mentioned: Col. Napier, Charles Lathrop Pack, Philip H. Ward, Maurice Burrus, Tevfik Kuyas, Alfred Caspary and Paolo Ayres. The great items from these collections found their way into the next generation of collectors with Koester, Norman S. Hubbard, Mauricio Ferreira, Reynaldo Bruno Pracchia, Everaldo Santos, and Angelo Lima. They all received the highest international awards for their collections. Dr. Hugo Goeggel was in recent decades in the fortunate position to be able to acquire many “key” items of Brazil philately for his collection and so put together perhaps the best Brazil collection of our time.

164 pages, of which 126 are full-colour plates showing pages from the collection, hardbound with dust jacket, bilingual in English and German