Lot no. 8082

377th Auction



Catalogue no.11+ Austrian Levante V23

Opening3.000 €
Sold for3.000 €

EGYPT-AUSTRIA, 1868, Cover from Cairo to Vienna, franked with Egypt 1867, 1 piastre red, tied by cds. "POSTE VICE-REALI EGIZIANE CAIRO 24 LUG. 68" and additional Austrian Levante 1864, 15 soldi brown, tied by cds. "ALEXANDRIA 25/7"; on reverse transit marks of the Egyptian post office at Alexandria and Triest (30.7.) and Vienna arrival mark (31.7.) A fine and rare combination cover. Certificate Alberto Diena (1968)
Provenance: Kurt Wolfsbauer (David Feldman-auction, 2002)