Vol. 19: Austria-Hungary 1867 Issue - Foreign Destination Mail - The Werner Schindler Collection

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Austria 1867: after the defeat of Prussia in the war of 1866 and the loss of Veneto to Italy, the kingdoms and crown lands increasingly demanded independence. Hungary was recognised as an independent state in 1867; Emperor Franz Joseph was crowned in Buda as Apostolic King of Hungary. The postal system was also divided with effect from 1 May 1867. The trade ministries of in Austria and Hungary first of all agreed on a stamp issue with the same design for the two independent states - with the image of his Majesty Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary, but without reference to the country and with a value expressed in “Kr”, the abbreviation of the currency “kreuzer” in both languages. During this period the expansion of rail and ship communications led to rapid growth in international trade. The result was a rapid increase in postal traffic with nations around the world. The Werner Schindler collections documents this historical and economic development between 1867 and 1884 with superb covers and important frankings from Austria to abroad, but also from abroad into Austria.

340 pages, of which 312 are full-colour plates showing pages from the collection, hardbound with dust jacket, bilingual in English and German