Vol. 31: Principality of Serbia - The Predag Antic Collection

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The collection of Predrag Antic documents all areas of the postal history and stamps of Serbia, often with the most important existing pieces. Thus, the collection includes the earliest known letter with a disinfection seal of Belgrade during the Austrian occupation of 1739 and the cover from the first day of the opening of the Belgrade post office on 25 May 1900. The seals of the various quarantine stations are extensively represented, letters franked with Austrian stamps and newspapers of the Austrian post office in Belgrade, letters franked with Turkish stamps from the Turkish postal service and prepaid letters of the Danube Steam Navigation company. All newspaper and postage stamps of the Principality of Serbia issued from 1866 are shown in detail with the various printings, perforations and paper types. In regard to letter usages the Predrag Antic collection contains some of the most important items of the collecting area, among others the extremely rare 2 -, 3 -, and 4-colour frankings of the Viennese printing of the first issue of 1866! At the same time used blocks, bisects, perforation varieties, plate varieties and the rarest overseas covers can be found in the collection before and after the accession of the Principality of Serbia to the Universal Postal Union.

186 pages, of which 154 are full-colour plates showing pages from the collection, hardbound with dust jacket, bilingual in English and German